Mike Pappas, “the Flying Greek”

Manoli Savvenas was one of many international stars who utilized his heritage to help get over with wrestling fans. As Mike Pappas, he worked as “The Flying Greek,” [...]

Hooray for Hollywood (Wrestling)

Although professional wrestling existed long before television, the small screen revolutionized the industry, leading to a golden age where wrestling seemed to be on every TV [...]

The NWA, the Untold Story

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), a wrestling organization so powerful and so feared that it could blackball a wrestler with a postcard, or put a would-be rival out of [...]

Memphis’ Rich Wrestling History

The execution of professional wrestling moves such as pile drivers, crossbody checks, backhand chop, short-arm clothesline, corkscrew elbow drop, elbow smashes and others [...]

Gone but not forgotten, the AWA

Verne Gagne was an accomplished amateur and professional wrestler whose ambition led to him creating his own promotion, the American Wrestling Association (AWA) one of the [...]

Ric Flair, Diamonds are Forever

A man who’s said it all and done it all, Ric Flair’s reputation as the greatest wrestler of all time is difficult to dispute, given his 16 world championships, (with [...]

Rise of the WWF

In 1983, the landscape of professional wrestling was much different than it is today, but it would be thrown into upheaval. Dozens of territories dotted the United States and [...]