Ric Flair, Diamonds are Forever

A man who’s said it all and done it all, Ric Flair’s reputation as the greatest wrestler of all time is difficult to dispute, given his 16 world championships, (with [...]

Rise of the WWF

In 1983, the landscape of professional wrestling was much different than it is today, but it would be thrown into upheaval. Dozens of territories dotted the United States and [...]

The Irresistible Force — jaywalks

  “It’s the irresistible force meeting the immovable object!” Thirty years ago today, the most memorable stare-down in the history of professional wrestling took [...]

WWF Old School 1970s

  The ruggedly handsome young good guy in black trunks, future WWF road agent Tony Garea, has been having a rough time. George “The Animal” Steele, bald and mouth [...]

Brickhouse Brown battling cancer

Sad news regarding the health and future of Memphis Wrestling legend Brickhouse Brown. ( Real Name Frederick Seawright). Brickhouse is having trouble walking and lost over 90 [...]